Description of Work

Welcome to Origamietry! Origamietry is the culmination of a year long project I started for my sophomore year, the goal being to provide a catalogue for a series of modular, geometric origami models, hence the name. Of course, this was not always the intention, as it was a rough road getting to this point.

My Process

ORIGAMI: Portion out paper of specific shapes and scales relative to one another to be used in module construction; Fold modules specific to each shape; Assemble modules according to instructions.

WEBSITE: Research tutorials, discover hpanel and hostinger, use word

Project History

For the first several months of the year, several different ideas were bounced around for my project, with varying degrees of success and failure. The original project idea was to write a novel on a fictional shipwreck, but the idea was soon scrapped in favor of a new project. This new plan stayed with the shipwreck theme in planning and building a LEGO replica of the wreck of the SS America. While this lasted longer than the previous attempt, it was eventually shelved due to a number of reasons, with the available tools and prohibitive cost being the two biggest ones.

About Me

I first got into Origami over a decade ago in Preschool. Back then, it was with simple paper airplanes, but I always wanted to progress and improve my skills with it. When I was presented with the opportunity to get my hands on more advanced books, I would always jump at the designs, even if I wasn’t able to fold them. Following this, it would be sometimes weeks, months, or ef